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Mercer School of Interior Design

Education Through Inspiration

At the Mercer School of Interior Design, we approach education with a different perspective. In addition to providing all of the essential skills for a successful career in design, we challenge our students to think beyond the latest trends by providing them the tools to discover their own unique styles.

With an exclusive focus on Interior Design and Decoration our nationally accredited courses and intensive short courses are developed and taught by the industry’s leading innovators.

Furthermore, our studio-style space and small class sizes guarantee that our students receive the first-hand guidance they need for a successful future in the field.

As a flexible learning option, we have developed a state of the art user-friendly online program, incorporating learning platforms utilised by top universities such as Yale and NYU to create a rich interactive online experience. We offer students the opportunity to experience the industry up-close through local and international study experiences. At Mercer, we’re dedicated to creating and shaping the next wave of interior design. 

        Mercer Advisory Board

  • Mary McDonald-1.jpg
    Mary McDonald
    Interior Designer
    Mary McDonald Interior Design
  • Dyllan Farrel.jpg
    Dylan Farrell
    Interior Designer
    Dylan Farrell Design
  • Sam Eades.jpg
    Samantha Eades
    Interior Designer
  • Grant Dorman.jpg
    Grant Dorman
    Grant Dorman Interior Products
  • Chelsea Hing.jpg

    Chelsea Hing
    Interior Designer

  • Tigger Hall.jpg
    Tigger Hall
    Tigger Hall Design
  • Kieron Meagher-1.jpg
    Kieron Meagher
    Architect & Interior Designer
    Kieron Meagher Design
  • Mitchell.jpg
    Andrew Mitchell
    Interior Designer
    Mr Mitchell Interior Design
  • Shelley Boyd.jpg
    Shellley Boyd
    Boyd Blue Interior Products
  • Brendan Wong.jpg
    Brendan Wong 
    Interior Designer
    Brendan Wong Design
  • Caroline T.jpg
    Caroline Touzeau
    Interior Designer
    Stockwell & Oxford Interior Design
  • Mel B.jpg
    Melissa Balzan
    Interior Designer
    Melissa Balzan Design
  • Jane Gorman_Profile 3.jpg
    Jane Gorman
    Interior Designer
    Jane Gorman Decorators & Developers

Collarts Welcomes Interior Design

Collarts is incredibly proud and excited to announce the new course in Interior Design, launching in collaboration with Mercer School of Interior Design (a division of the Australian College of the Arts). Stepping out of our comfort zone of music and entertainment earlier in the year with our first successful year of Fashion Marketing and Content Creation, Interior Design was a natural step towards deepening our connections in the creative and arts sector.

As Ben O’Hara, the Dean of Collarts shares, “Interior Design is a thrilling new chapter in Collarts’ proud history. Our reputation for delivering high-quality tertiary education, with a distinct ability to always be at the forefront of contemporary culture, will surely shine through in Interior Design.”

Drawing on the expertise of the Mercer School of Interior Design, students will be offered opportunities to experience the industry up-close through local and international study experiences, providing all of the essential skills for a successful career in design.

“Our collaboration with Mercer School of Interior Design will provide the invaluable industry tools and connections Interior Design students need to succeed,” O’Hara continued, “together with Mercer, we will help shape the next wave of interior designers. Students won’t only just graduate with a degree, but with a deep understanding of the interior design industry, both in Australia and internationally.”

Learn more about our new Interior Design course here. Intake for 2019 is currently open, including the opportunity to apply through VTAC. Apply now!


Mercer Student Highlight - Miranda Heunis

"I can confidently say that this assignment has taught me to try new ways of portraying my designs and in doing so to try using computer programs to achieve different types of affects"

The Style Smiths Logo

Mercer School of Interior Design is proud to be partnered with interior design game-changers ‘The Stylesmiths’. Mercer is the only school to be exclusively partnered with this innovative concept, giving our students a jump start into the industry.

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We're Hiring!

We are currently looking for REVIT Teachers and commercial experience focusing on hospitality design. Please send your CV to



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