Mercer and The Stylesmiths!

Mercer School of Interior Design is proud to announce our partnership with Interior Design game changers - The Stylesmiths!

This exclusive partnership offers our students an opportunity to work in industry prior and post graduation with the support and guidance of The Stylesmiths.

Founder and Director Diane Bergeron explains,

"Our exclusive partnership with The Stylesmiths offers our students an amazing opportunity to kick start their careers. With the support and guidance provided by The  Stylesmiths our students are able to focus on gaining experience and establishing themselves as designers."

Founders and Directors of the Stylesmiths - Richard Misso and Samantha Eades - came to Mercer earlier this week to announced the exciting news to our on-campus students as well as a live stream to our online students!! (images shown below)

It was a very exciting day at Mercer with staff and students now all looking forward to what this incredible partnership will bring.
mercer presentation richard misso and samantha eades


mercer presentation stylesmiths partnership


stylesmiths presentation with mercer students

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