The Sydney Diaries

Mercer’s Future Student Advisor, Adila, shares her insights into the recent Mercer Destinations Trip to Sydney. Here she reveals her favourite people and places from the jam-packed, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Signature Prints

The first stop of the day was to Signature Prints HQ. They are synonymous with quality and unique fabric and wallpaper designs, which we were able to learn about in so much detail. David Lennie, CEO of Signature Prints was a fantastic host, he was warm and generous with his time, telling us the fascinating history of the company.


Each design begins with a hand drawing, a feature which stands out in the digital age. Looking closely, you can imagine Florence Broadhurst herself, sketching and creating beautiful, unique prints. As a group we were also so excited to learn than we were going to give screen printing a try for ourselves, each leaving with a piece of our own Florence Broadhurst. Such a treasure.


Click here to access Siganture Prints' website& Instagram.

Fred International

Once our prints were dried and rolled, we headed down to Fred International, where we met Michael Liira. At Fred’s we basked in the glory of Scandinavian design. It was opulent yet simple. We're definitely coming back for more!


Click here to access Fred International's website & Instagram.

Fenton & Fenton

It so happens, close to the Fred International’s showroom, there was a Fenton & Fenton pop up shop (named, A Home Away From Home - Sydney). For Melbourne locals, it was great to see such a well-known store in a new context. Their new summer collection is colourful and vibrant. Artwork, fabulous furniture, all in all, makes us long for summer!

Fenton and Fenton_1.jpg

Click here to access Fenton & Fenton's website & Instagram.


From here we travelled to Cadry’s Rugs, where we learnt more about the history and making of rugs than we could have ever imagined. Bob Cadry himself was so kind to take us through their collection, talking about every piece’s story and their significance. They mean so much to him, it’s clear to see, almost as though each was a part of his family. He spoke in such great detail, pride and incredible insight. He believes, the best way to dress a room is to start from the ground up, and what better way than to pick the perfect rug.


Over the next few hours, we were fully immersed in rugs from all over the world. India, South America, Russia and more. Some take up to one whole year to make! We left our visit with a full heart and mind- as well as Turkish Delight!


Click here to access Cardy's website & Instagram.

Dylan Farrell

Dylan Farrell_2.jpg

Last, but certainly not least, we travelled to the studio of Mercer Advisor Board Member, Dylan Farrell. We were greeted with Champagne and wine which was certainly appreciated after our day of exploring and learning! As always, Dylan was engaging as he told us of project plans and client advice. Something we all walked away with was the encouragement to stand firm with our ideas as creative people and to let good design speak for itself. He certainly has a knack for inspiring and empowering us as future designers. Thank you, Dylan!

Dylan Farrell_1-1.jpg

Click here to access Dylan Farrell's website & Instagram.

It was a full and insightful day. So much to learn, to absorb and take in. Watch this space to learn more about our second half of the trip!

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