Resources & Documents

Formal Complaints Form

This form applies to students and prospective students who, having exhausted the possibility of the informal complaint resolution process, wish to escalate the matter and lodge a formal grievance. This form should be read in conjunction with the following policies:

  • Complaints & Appeals Policy for Academic Matters 
  • Complaints & Appeals Policy for Non-Academic Matters
  • Admissions Policies
  • Assessment Policy
  • Tuition Fee Refund Policy
  • Privacy Policy

Course Withdrawal Form

Students are required to complete and submit the form to student care ( if they wish to withdraw from the course.

Privacy Policy

This policy outlines the college approach to protecting the privacy of its employees, students and community, and its approach to the collection, holding, use, correction, disclosure or transfer of personal information.

This policy applies to all students and clients with complaints relating to the conduct of Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd (trading as Mercer School of Interior Design). This policy covers requests for a review of decisions, including assessment decisions, made by Mercer School of Interior Design. This policy is produced in the context of a commitment to quality programs, student welfare and its responsibilities under the Standards.

The Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd (Mercer School of Interior Design) undertakes the following policy in regards to fee refunds for students enrolled in a Mercer School of Interior Design qualifications in accordance with college rules and the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) 2015. This policy sets out the circumstances under which students may claim a refund and the associated procedures for handling refunds and is applicable to all students enrolled into a Short Course or Certificate Level Training program with Mercer School of Interior Design as a Registered Training Organisation.

The following Australian College of the Arts Pty Limited (Mercer School of Interior Design) policy and procedures apply in regards to tuition fee refunds for domestic students in accordance with the VET Student Loans Act 2016This policy applies to all students who are enrolled in an approved VET Student Loan course of study at Mercer School of Interior Design; and all staff that assess and process fee refund requests.