The Little Blue Book


This is a priceless e-book we've created in house, which feeds back directly to the units you are studying under the Certificate IV and Diploma program. The little blue book is a compilation of suppliers we often visit on excursions (fabric, curtains, tiles, art, stone, timber flooring and more) - making it easier for our students to make these connections even before they finish the course. A source book to start their journey into the world of interior suppliers and products - very useful for their projects and for when they enter the industry. Students are encouraged to give us suggestions for the next edition. What a way to start your journey in the industry.

Materials Library

This is a great space for preliminary research. If students don't have a lot of time and can't visit suppliers in their area, you’re welcome to use the Materials Library. You'll be able to find all sorts of different samples from timber, marble, stainless steel, curtains, linen, and more. However, everything that's in the library stays in the library (no scissors allowed). Most important point is that it's a LIVE library - the items in the library are current. You won’t get this support anywhere else. Online students are also welcome to come in and use the materials library.  

Cuttings Room

Similar to the materials library - however you get to bring your scissors. All of the samples in the cuttings room are meant to be cut up and students are welcome to take some of the samples home.

It's sometimes difficult for students to obtain cuttings from fabric houses - they usually have to order it from o/seas, track it, follow up, post in the mail,etc and that's if they allow a student to order a cutting.

We have strong industry connections enabling us to have a constant flow of cuttings and samples that the students are welcome to use - open for all students (online and campus).

Practical Placement

 In term 4, all of our Diploma students will have the opportunity to partake in Practical Placement. Students will have the opportunity to spend time with an industry host. This is a lighter version of an internship. Students will participate in six visits over a period of ten weeks. The best part is that it applies to all students, whether online and campus. We find your industry host for your internship wherever you are located in Australia.

Industry Connections

 Industry connections are very important to Mercer- this is how we provide opportunities for students. We participate in relevant projects and competitions where we can. Students get the additional benefits of networking, knowledge, and taking you out of your comfort zones all whilst being supported and guided through the process.


 One of the bonuses of being part of the Australian College of the Arts (Collarts) is that we can collaborate on projects together. We are currently partnering with the Collarts Fashion Marketing and Collarts Content Creation working on a Melbourne Fashion Week project. Watch this space!


 We know starting to study again can be a bit overwhelming which is why we include Lynda for all students. Need a refresher on programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Sketchup & Revit? These tutorials are available for those needing extra support. Lynda provides you with a world of video content online - there's a video for pretty much any topic! Have fun exploring this treasure trove of easy to understand videos!

RBdigital Magazines

 A free subscription to interior design magazines from US, Europe and Australia - this includes Vogue Living, Inside Out, House & Garden and more whilst you are a student at Mercer. No more buying expensive magazines - all at your fingertips.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

 An opportunity for students to have a say in areas of interest. Initiatives made recently - lunchtime speaker series (industry comes in once a month to talk to students),etc. Our SRC represents students from both on campus and online as we acknowledge these two areas have completely different needs and we like to ensure all our students get a great experience.

Lunchtime Speaker Series (LSS)

 Once a month we invite one industry professional to come to our campus during lunch time to share their knowledge about the industry. All students online, campus and alumni invited

Mercer Destinations

 We take learning outside of our beautiful classroom walls by offering students the opportunity to join our thoughtfully curated study tours. On tour, our students will have access to designer showrooms, first hand advice from leading industry professionals and suppliers, behind the scene tours and special events. Each iteration of this trip is a unique experience and embodies Mercer’s global approach to education. The student trip is optional and spaces are limited.

Industry Events

 We understand juggling life, study and work can be tricky. We take care of some of the admin for you by organising student tickets for industry events. Please note some events may have fees attached.

Advisory Board Member

 Every member of our Advisory Board is engaging and knowledgeable. The last two Mercer Destinations, students got to meet some of the members and learn from them directly (think  Bob Cadry, Dyllan Farrell, Brendan Wong). Advisory board members are those industry leaders who we believe represent Mercer ethos and guide Mercer through Course Advisory committee meetings on our curriculum.

Jobs Board

We have an internal jobs board on Facebook. This is where students can apply for jobs that have come our way. You will get access to the Jobs Board once you enrol and lifetime access for alumni so you have access to the projects and opportunities we share with students and alumni. The best part is, Mercer is so well known in the industry that people will often contact us asking if students are available to do their home, which we immediately share with you here.

Industry Connections

Industry connections are very important to Mercer- this is how we provide opportunities for students. We participate in relevant projects and competitions where we can. Students get the additional benefits of networking, knowledge, and taking you out of your comfort zones all whilst being supported and guided through the process.

DIA Membership

 Diploma graduates are eligible for a DIA Membership and entry to student events

Student Support

We understand when you have a question, you often don’t want to have to wait for it. This is why we always respond within 24 - 48 hours.

Teachers Online

Our teachers are also very supportive and responsive and promise a 24-48 hour response time frame.

Teachers online & on campus

There is nothing quite like current industry experience. All our teachers are currently working in the industry. We feel this is so  important as they share are able to share their industry knowledge with students with the added bonus that it's current! Our teachers are out there experiencing the highs and lows of the industry, just like you will and are more than happy to share this experience with you.